Thursday, November 15, 2012

Know What you Need for iPad Game Development

need of ipad game development
iPad game development is getting more and more popular given the increasing  demand and popularity. iPad gaming experience is overwhelming compared to Apple's iPhone due to its size. Ipad is packed with several features supporting the game development for iPad.

It is equipped with large multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard and an accelerometer to enhance the gaming experience. Packed with all these features and functions, a single iPad development cost may vary from $350.00 to $35,000 or even more.

To start developing iPad Games, you need to have some expertise with certain tools and languages. First of all, have a clear cut game development idea, conduct research through the concept of play.

To jump start the development process, you should get iPad game development framework. The most popular and free choices are either sparrow or cocos2D. Both the frameworks are backed with strong community support, helping several people in case of any trouble. If you have done object-oriented programming, it would be easier for you to get started. In case,  you haven't yet developed any application using Objective-C language, referring a book and learning its basics can be useful. There are tutorials available online for C++ programmers.

Basic infrastructure required to start iPad development requires:

  • Desktop or Computer System
  • Intel processor running Mac OS Leopard
  • Broadband Connection
You also require to download Apple's SDK, which is the basic tool for iPad Game Development. The basic language that can be used to develop a successful game of iPad are Objective C, Cocoa and OpenGL. If you're expert in any of the languages, chances are you can develop great iPad game coupled with innovative concept. You need to register with the Apple developer program, paying $99 as one time cost, to be a professional iPad game developer.
Tips for ipad game development

Tips for iPad Game Development

There are certain guidelines/ tips that are required to develop iPad games:

Simple Concept: Simplicity is the rule that can bring results. Try to keep your game simple and sweet, to give your users a simple and easy to play game. Emphasis on game play not on high-end graphics.

Primary Preparation: Delineate the entire sketch or history of the game on a piece of paper. Put together all the elements viz. history, photos and animation sequences. Let others offer their inputs/reviews on the concept and take into account these reviews before starting the coding part.

Frequent Testing: This is the next phase of development which is performed to ward off any error in the application developed. You can use the functions available with the SDK to check for the functionality and code. Ensure that everything is well planned prior to submitting it to the Apple store.

Updates on Publication: You should request live on the iTunes store to look out for users' feedback. It will enable you correct errors, which can be released as periodic updates of the application. Stay in touch with your audience and reply to their feedback.

All the above tips and guidelines are the most prominent phases of a successful iPad game application development.


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